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by marauder6272

"Miss Rarity, I’m flattered by all of the attention, but…"
The words didn’t get any further than that before a white finger was pressed into a set of soft grey lips. “Oh hush, I ,know what you’re going to say darling, and it’s really nothing, you are not wasting my time by being here, I invited you remember? I’ve enjoyed the music that you help create in the music hall for long enough that I couldn’t help but want to give a little something back to you”.
Octavia nibbled on her lower lip gently and squirmed just a tiny bit. A private evening alone was one thing, to have such a pretty mare purring into one of her ears and pressing her supple body into the curves that the musician herself sported was another thing entirely. Worse still, she had somehow managed to get herself into this state without so much as a shred of clothing left upon her. It wasn’t because of any alcohol, while she enjoyed some wine, she was not a lush, Rarity was simply a very persuading pony and one that was exceedingly hard to say no to. Even things that she might not have entertained, Rarity found ways to make sound appealing.
"You do have such a lovely body as well darling, believe you me, I know a thing or two about that myself~ Despite all that you are still every last little bit the lady as well and that possibly makes you even more attractive still in my book". Rarity chuckles and nuzzles along Octavia’s neck, whilst rubbing her hips gently, allowing a thick white length which had emerged some time before to slide between and through the musician’s legs and rise slowly upwards.
"I can just imagine all of the ponies that are often clamoring for your attention my dear, you have so many things going for you that make you irresistible. You’re well spoken and polite, you know how to behave in high society, you are ever so talented with that cello of yours, you take care of yourself, I do not believe that I’ve ever seen you not immaculately groomed and of course there’s this deliciously angelic body you have…" Rarity runs a hand along Octavia’s side just to fortify her words. "You have skin almost as silky soft as my own dear, I am impressed beyond words~"
Octavia was having a harder and harder time resisting the charms or the white mare being thrust at her. It was forward a bit, but it wasn’t as if she couldn’t have moved away at any time, Rarity was hardly holding her and true to her namesake, Rarity behaved in a very ladylike manner, she wasn’t forcing anything so sharply as to make it feel unwelcome. “Well… It’s part of my job actually. I need to be presentable to both the eyes and the ears. It is hard at times to resist all the temptations, but… Ah!”
Words again caught in her throat with a gasp in their place when Rarity finally grew a bit bolder the unoccupied hand reaching down and starting to stroke the mottled shaft, guiding it to arc upwards into its rightful angle. “Oh, I think you have your own indulgences darling…” Rarity then and only then ran her hand all the way along the underside of Octavia’s swiftly hardening member, letting fingers tease at the row of piercings along the underside, the other tweaking a barbell pierced nipple. “I never would have expected to see these on you Octavia darling. Just what a wild side you must actually have!”
That brought a flush to Octavia’s cheeks which the grey mare could have sworn extended all the way down to her neck. She couldn’t keep herself from seeming even more flustered than ever, body squirming and breath coming in heated gasps while that equine shaped tool rose higher and higher in front of her, completely oblivious to it’s owner’s level of discomposure. “I… That is… Um…”
Rarity herself was growing quite aroused by the way that Octavia was squirming. That alabaster monster the alicorn was packing already had managed to jut rather impressively up and out between Octavia’s legs, each throb making it raise higher and higher until it’s sheer rigidity was actually making it heft Tavi’s considerable cum tanks, allowing them to rest against and slightly down upon each side of Rarity’s cock.
"It’s okay darling, I will not pry if you do not wish to tell. A lady has her secrets does she not? I may like to snoop a little bit, but I can respect desire!" Rarity’s hand slides up and down the mottled mare meat while she turns her head, picking up her incessant tease in another way. "Still though darling…" Rarity’s lips press within a faction of an inch of Octavia’s tender ear. "My but are you /big/!"
Those words bring another moan from Octavia’s pretty lips along with a spurt of precum which went almost straight up, only to rain back down and slick the brown and pink hued meat. Rarity’s fingers as well got a slight coating which prompted her to lift that hand up in front of the musician, opening and closing them to show the pre-seed stringing in crystalline webs between each digit.
"Poor dear, you seem to be a bit pent up~" Rarity leans her nose over Octavia’s shoulder, enabling Octavia to see from the corner of her eyes that the alicorn was daintily licking her fingers clean, sucking on them on at a time, allowing a very gentile, very slight ’shlp’ when the tip slid free.
Somewhere inside Octavia something seemed to give finally, bringing a heated, needful moan from her lips, hands wrapping against the sides of her own shaft as if in a futile attempt to contain it’s impressive girth. Up and down those hands went, coordinated perfectly, one working at the top half, the other the bottom, each one twisting and sliding along the now rather slicked surface without ever interfering with the other.
Rarity’s lashes fluttered and eyes lidded, lips still close to that ear which had been whispered into so many times. “Oh, darling, that is quite the sight! Forgive me, but I simply must join you!” The well manicured hand which had been coated previously by the musician found itself pressed into it’s owner’s larger length, stroking up and down steadily.
"P-please do…" That was the first actual affirming thing that Octavia had said, but somehow seeing Rarity aroused like this caused her to want it even more. To think that such a sophisticated pony such as Rarity and an alicorn none the less was excited by her in such a way.
Octavia’s pleasure was only added to when Rarity set to rolling her hips, gently fucking herself through the shapely thighs, sliding vein covered shaft not just along the weighty balls which had been hefted quite a time ago, but also the hidden folds of Octavia’s pussy. “Mmm… Octavia darling, this truly is divine, I can hardly contain myself…” Rarity’s husky purr was mirrored in the way that her bobbing white dick was drooling and spitting precum along the floor in front of them.
"Rarity, should we maybe… Go somewhere else? I’m about to… I mean, I can’t hold it…" Octavia’s hands were moving in awkward little jerks, not wanting to deny herself pleasure, but at the same time, she couldn’t stroke steadily anymore for risk of pushing too far.
Rarity was having none of it though, either intent on making her partner feel good and letting her be true to herself for once. The hand pumping along her own shaft sped and the one that she’d been leaving unoccupied pulled around Octavia’s side, going flat against Octavia’s belly, fingers caressing the toned midriff gently. “I can’t either darling… Go on darling, cum with me, I would… Mnf… I would hate to be the only one!”
Almost as if on cue, a torrent of pure white cream sprayed from Rarity’s cocktip, shooting across the room and spattering noisily against the floor as it fell. That was all that Octavia could stand, her hands moved faster again, teeth nipping at her lip in concentration while letting herself lean back a bit into Rarity’s affectionate embrace. Then it came, like the bubbling and boiling of a pot of water whose lid was clattering dangerously, threatening to pop off, Octavia’s body reached it’s limit.
A gout of whiteness so thick that it even impressed the productive Rarity, erupted upwards, rising higher and higher, then stopping, hanging in midair as if time had stopped before coming back down in a parabolic arc. The noise of Octavia’s semen hitting the floor continued for several seconds as if it were the only sound in the room, no breathing, no gasping, just the sound of sticky goo of an incredible volume impacting flooring.
Then the silence was cut by the sound of Rarity’s husky purr, mingled with the noise of one of the alicorn’s own healthy bursts of ejaculate spattering forcefully against the far wall as if spurred on by what had just happened. “Delicious darling…” The hand caressing Tavi’s stomach rolled in a gentile slide upwards and downwards, almost an oval shaped caress. “Don’t stop, you need this, just let it all out, we’ll worry about the mess later~”


NSFW Commission. Commissioner requested Rarity and Dash, covered in fluids, as if after a gangbang. Though I’m including a non-cum version as well, for those who may want.

Drawing cum is hard. I followed a really good tutorial, and while I got the texture about right, I think the shapes are kinda blobish and uninteresting. Ah well, more practice then.

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